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    English Pittards Leather and Why We Use it On Our Cricket Batting Gloves

    English Pittards Leather and Why We Use it On Our Cricket Batting Gloves

    What is English Pittards Leather? 

    Pittards leather palms feature on every one of our adult cricket batting gloves as it is the premium material for palms on cricket gloves. You may see a lot of the premium batting gloves with Pittards leather palms but you're not sure what it is and why it demands the highest prices? In this short blog post, we want to explain that and why we have chosen this material to be on our range of batting gloves.


    In 1826, Charles Pittard established Pittards, a specialist leather company based in Yeovil who produce leathers for sectors such as Aviation, Fashion, Military, Outdoor Performance, Sports and many more. There are different types of Pittards leather; however we use English Pittards WR100X leather on our cricket gloves which is the most popular for premium cricket batting gloves.


    What is English Pittards Leather on Cricket Batting Gloves?
    Above shows an image of a brand new set of our Limited Edition PRYZM Cricket Gloves with English Pittards Leather palms.


    Why do we use it on our Cricket Batting Gloves?

    The main reason why we have chosen this material is that the leather is extremely soft, lightweight, long-lasting, comfortable and tensile which gives excellent feel when gripping a cricket bat. English Pittards Leather is treated during the tanning process with a special water repellent, which allows the water vapour to pass.


    Unlike cheaper alternatives, English Pittard leather palms stay soft and supple after many uses whereas other leather palms tend to stiffen over time as the sweat gets absorbed and therefore dries in to the material, becoming hard. So even after a full season of use, our gloves with the Pittards Leather palms will be just as soft and tensile as the day you purchased them.


    Used PRYZM Cricket Batting Gloves with Pittards Leather Palms
    Above shows an image of a pair of used PRYZM Bravura Cricket Batting Gloves. They have been used for about 1 and a half season and are still in extremely good condition except for slight discolouration due to the blue grip on the cricket bat.


    Overall, cricketers of varying abilities could go through many pairs of gloves in one season if they have palms made from other types of leather palms. With the use of English Pittards Leather on our cricket gloves, they are designed to stay soft and supple for a long time - making them the premium choice for serious cricketers and professional cricketers.